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While sailing with Hamish, in the sounds, I told him about a man, living in Bluff, Stoney Bourke. Stoney is building a Double Hulled Voyaging Waka.

It's a James Wharrem Design called Pahi 63, James studied pacific voyaging craft in museums and came up with this design.


Soon after returning home from the Picton trip, I got word that Hamish was on his way down to meet Stoney and have a look at his magnificent voyaging waka.

Stoney shared the story of the waka and how it came about. It's a story that reaches back 2000 years and more. Stoney spoke of ancient wisdom and Wiataha lore, more than one video could possibly tell.

This is the Story of Stoney's waka and introducing Hamish to that story.

Hamish went home tasked with carving 12 faces, 6 male and 6 female, to go on the ends of the 6 cross beams. Enjoy

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