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Geo Engineering?
Is it a Geo Engineering Effect or is it Natural?
Aurora on a Cloudy Night
Too cloudy to see the aurora properly, but I gave it a go anyway.
Paua Hypertufa Pots Tui vs Wood Pigeon
Four seasons in one day, is typical for spring in Bluff. It's a busy time planning the garden for the season ahead.
Paua Shell hunt and making Hypa Tufa trough
I take a walk to find Paua shell to include these beautiful shell in hypa tufa pots.
Song of Waitaha
The suppressed history of a nation, pre-Maori people of New Zealand
Stoney's Waka update Dec 2022
Waitaha boat builder "Pahi" a Southland Connection
New Zealand, Double Hulled Voyaging Waka: Pahi 63 : Waitaha Stone Tools
Stoney is Building a Double Hulled Ocean Voyaging Waka